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As part of the sales package, we will present the possibilities for the use and configuration of our products, provide practical advice on operation and optimal use of the offered equipment. We are available at any time and any place if the situation requires so.

Our team

We have established a dynamic and creative company whose priority is to enhance safety and comfort in the areas of evacuation, home security and real training conditions for emergency services.

Production controls

All our products are subject to inspection in three stages, i.e.:
- in the course of production,
- during the final study,
- during performance tests carried out on selected units of a given production batch.

Realistic training for emergency services and the army

At Phantom, we place particular emphasis on the realism of training in the evacuation of injured people and pre-medical first aid - the Phantom dummies are a unique product that allows you to work in any outdoor conditions with simultaneous training in rescue operations.

All at 100%

At Phantom, we work every day to improve the quality and usability of our projects. Every day we verify new products and solutions, striving to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of our customers.

Individual projects

We are always open to the implementation of individual projects and the adaptation of our products to your needs.
We encourage you to contact us and share your plans with us - we will compose a dedicated solution for you, and we will keep all the information you provide exclusively for the purpose of our cooperation.

Product safety

All products in the Phantom offering meet the quality standards and requirements defined in the essential safety and quality conditions acts issued for European markets.