Accessories for evacuation mannequins

Wound Packing Trainers - type „TPR”

They enable learning to tampon deep wounds created outside the area where compression bands are applied

TPR - 2

  • two-station, portable training station in a set with a stand, 5L of artificial blood and a supply hose system
  • two wounds for packaging in a very durable cover :
  • 1. deep wound, opened widely and with a large coverage area,
    2. deep, narrow wound with false canals making it difficult to find a place of extravasation,
  • two independent connections supplying artificial blood to simulate hemorrhage



  • single-station trainer with a simple, resistant to damage construction in a set with 5L artificial blood and a supply hose system,
  • one wound with three internal canals,
  • naturally flexible monoblock with entry for a hose supplying artificial blood,



Trenażery Pakowania Ran - „TPR”

Adapter for medical corps used in CPR exercises (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

It complements the "body" to the training corps.

  • The adapter allows for installing the body for CPR exercises in "the rest of the body" enabling the rescuer to work with a full-sized human figure
  • It allows for preserving all the usable features of the medical corps
  • It has movable and naturally flexible lower and upper limbs
  • It allows the use of direct compressions, bandages and compression dressings during a simulation of limb hemorrhage
  • Manufactured of layers of very durable technical fabrics - the outer layer is resistant to water
  • Adapters are adjusted to all available types of medical manikins intended for CPR exercises.

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