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3D shooting phantoms

We design and supply 3D shooting phantoms, used for:

  • training with combat ammo among fully dimensional human silhouettes,
  • creating elements of the design of spaces serving as third parties and aggressors for situation shooting,
  • learning of task shooting including e.g. shooting aimed at particular parts of the body and realisation of advanced shooting training as an element raising the level of education,
  • simulating real tactic situations

manekiny strzeleckie


3D Phantom means:

  • mobility allowing for a quick change of their location,
  • resilience up to 1000 shots ( depending on the type of the ammo and on fire intensity) maintaining the usability feature of the product,
  • possibility of filling the gaps and regenerating the phantom on one’s own without special equipment,
  • learning to use the equipment for overpowering with the use of electricity.

The shooting Phantoms:

  • are made only with non-ricocheting materials for missiles shots from guns, allowing for directing fire from a short distance,
  • are in a form of adult men (weight - approx. 12 kg) or children,
  • have a modular construction allowing for replacement of particular bodily parts (legs, corpse with shoulders and head allowing for quick replacement or exchange),
  • allow for distancing a „person” by a hit or a push,
  • have arms movable in all directions,
  • allow for training with the use of means of simulating battlefield and alternative types of ammo.


All parts of the phantoms are also available separately.

In the sales package we provide technical support in the field of instructions for self-service and repair of dummies.

manekiny strzeleckie


Our products are made in accordance with the requirements of certificates allowing for sale in the EU, are subject to constant control of production confirmed with certificates of compliance with technical and safety norms, and in accordance with relevant legislation may be used for shooting training, meeting the requirements for didactic and training equipment and shooting targets.
The purchase of Phantom’s products is equivalent to acceptance of terms of use and guarantee granted and in compliance with copyright.